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Buton Regency is one of the Level II Regions in Southeast Sulawesi Province which is located in the Buton Islands whose capital is located in Pasarwajo. This district has an area of 2,488.71 Km2 with 7 (seven) districts, 95 (ninety five) villages / villages and 100,440 inhabitants in 2017 based on stastitical data of Buton Regency.

Buton Regency is famous as the biggest asphalt-producing area in the World. Buton Asphalt was discovered by Dutch Geologist WH Hetzel Asbuton in 1924. Later, Asbuton was first used in asphalting roads two years later. It is estimated that the total Asbuton deposit reaches approximately 663 million tons, equivalent to 133 million tons of bitumen asphalt.

The Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs in the Buton Asphalt Coordination Meeting on May 2, 2019 once said that the application of Buton Asphalt as a binding material on paved road paving can save foreign exchange, which up to Rp. 9.8 trillion has been used to buy imported asphalt to meet around 75% of 1.5 million tons / year of national asphalt needs.

However, in reality the application of Buton Asphalt is still under 1% of national asphalt needs and even then it highly of used on national roads. Therefore, strategic steps needed to be taken to accelerate the application of Buton Asphalt especially on provincial and district / city regional roads.

Statistical data of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR), the total length of national roads is 26,258 Km, the total length of provincial roads is 48,374 Km, the total length of district roads is 358,576 Km and the total length of city roads is 48,360 Km. The data shows that the length of national roads is only 5% of the total length roads, while the remaining 95% is local roads.

In the application of Buton Asphalt for road pavement, refer to PUPR Minister Regulation No. 18 / PRT / M / 2018 concerning the application of Buton Asphalt for Road Construction and Preservation. In the Ministerial Regulation, there are 7 (seven) types of Buton Asphalt road paving technology and its intended road class. which covers all road classes from light to heavy.

Specifically for CPHMA (Clod Paving Hot Mix Asbuton) technology, this is a asphalt mix product with Asbuton which is very suitable for all district roads wit a Domestic Component Level (TKDN) of (72,8%) which is ready to install cold, anytime and anywhere, including in remote areas far from the Asphalt Mixing Plan (AMP) facility.

CPHMA products use 100% Asbuton and no longer use oil asphalt in the mixture, so as to reduce the import of oil asphalt by 50%. CPHMA products can be used for overlay or overlay of asphalt pavement. Its application can be done using a asphalt paver finishing equipments on a heavy equipments basis or manually labor intensive


  • Become a multinational and international company
  • Nationalized Buton Asphalt to all corners of Indonesia
  • Contribute to increase exports of native Indonesian products


  • Generate profits that can bring the company to grow sustainably
  • Increase competitiveness through innovation and increased resources
  • Develop the mining business with governance in accordance with the principles of good corporate governance (GCG) and care for the environment.

The corporate culture followed in realising the Vision and Mission is

“3 KTP” which is an acronym for:

Openness, Togetherness, Exemplary

Orderly, Responsive, Responsible

Caring, Sensitive, Obedient

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